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Moss Media is a design collaborative and full service communication design agency located in Lakewood, Ohio – offering best-in-class creative and technical talent with core competencies in brand strategy, content marketing, interactive design and media production.
content marketing, brand strategy, interactive design, UI/UX, graphic design, brand identity, media production, film, video, podcast, marketing communications
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What good is media without meaning?

Content is King... and that's just the 1/2 of it.

Media is everywhere. 
It designed your new brand identity, launched your fresh product name, and delivered your new online flipbook publication. It’s a design process that’s pervasive, a production methodology that’s efficient, above all, we see media as a process for generating powerfully personal brand experiences.
Media makes it personal.
By definition media is about the audience. The customer.  The experience. It’s what feeds the brand. Whether a traditional publication or a mobile application, it means something different to everyone it touches.  It’s our passion to put the “me” in media, to make sure it speaks clearly, communicates remarkably, and opens the channel, fast.
Media shifts fast.
Seems new tactics and communication channels are screaming to the surface, everyday. But you don’t have to feel like you’re playing catchup to your customers’ changing channels. Let us run with the dogs of the day, and you stick to the more “human” relations.
Media made human.
Leading-edge media may be powered by technology, and chock full of “wow factor,” but it should be made more human. Or is it more humane? As they say, it’s message that drives the medium. Regardless of whether there’s a package, navigation, ink, or pixels, what good is content without meaning?
Media is content.
Content isn’t King. Message is Queen. Technology is Prince. Design is Princess. (And that’s as far as we’ll take that metaphor)  Look, after 40+ years of combined media design experience, we rule content creation. Period.
Media plays your DJ.
Even the guys on the club circuit get it – media experiences require an intelligent mix of research, strategy, and design. Speaking of target demographics, it’s not about the power over them, it’s about the power in them.  We  can help you move to their beat. (Did we mention we’re Bando’s?)
Media moves the metrics.
We’re looking for opportunities to move people. How long will they stand at your kiosk? Will they put your doc’ on their coffee table or in the circular file? Will they click through or cut out?  If we don’t study market metrics and user patterns, you’re customers will keep moving – further away from your brand.
Media can go further.
Even interactive can be built to last. It can be powered by green servers. We can enlist carbon neutral designers and paperless production. What’s more, we can employ a keen understanding of design trends and respect of the environment. MossMedia goes above and beyond “wow factor,” marketing gimmicks, and twitteriffic tweets. Makes your media more sustainable… by design.
– Written by David Allen Moss ©2017 Moss Media