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We like to think we work to live. We believe we can do more “work to give.”

Whether it’s service to a local nonprofit board or committee, or serving as team captain for a national cause, we believe “content with a conscience” sure beats Elmer’s glue on the corn flakes.

In 2010 alone, MossMedia has donated over $20,000 worth of “in kind” communication design services to local and global non-profits, art and culture events, and civic campaigns.

Our storied background in public/private partnerships keeps us close to a small number of causes with large return on investment. We hope you’ll join us this year in supporting some of our top charitable organizations. – David Allen Moss, Founder & Chief Content Officer

Local Advocacy

ADA Stepout for Diabetes
This marks Moss’ 4th year as Team Captain for StepOut, Cleveland. Join the MossMedia StepOut team in our goal to raise over $1,500 for Diabetes research and awareness.Last year more than 100,000 walkers from around the country joined in the fight against diabetes because they knew that together we can stop diabetes. Each step they took and every dollar they raised helps the American Diabetes Association provide community based education programs, protect the rights of people with diabetes and fund critical research for a cure,” says the national StepOut website.

Entrepreneurship Preparatory School
Entrepreneurship Preparatory School (E Prep) is dedicated to providing a premier educational experience in a technologically advanced, safe, and disciplined environment to students throughout the city of Cleveland, Ohio.  E-Prep emphasizes individual educational growth resulting in above proficient test scores, graduation, and acceptance to a four-year college or university–and they’re right next door!

This past May, MossMedia partnered with neighboring E-Prep to design a new experience for entrepreneurship students: the E-Prep Student Journalist program. Winning homerooms attended a walking field-trip to local businesses, armed with digital cameras and clipboards full of questions.  Students toured facilities, asked pointed questions of project staff, and came back to E-Prep to upload pictures and blog about what they’d learned on Facebook!  The students saw a place for themselves in our local economy, and the businesses were jazzed about appearing on social media outlets through the eyes of students.  Talk about workforce development and content generation–all wrapped into one impactful program.

Northeast Ohio Communications Advocates
David Allen Moss was selected to forge the branding and communication design strategy for the NOCA in 2007. MossMedia continues to support NOCA’s mission: to advance and promote the marketing communications industry in Northeast Ohio; to retain and attract business to the region for members of its organizations by fostering collaboration and best practices among its members. Recently, Moss provided the design of an iBuyNEO OneIndustry card, which laid the groundwork for the launch of the unifying OneIndustry brand – all in the name of bringing awareness to NEO’s $5 billion dollar communications industry. Read Related Articles.

Got*City Game
MossMedia is proud to sponsor Got*City GAME! As brand strategy and design partner for the startup non-profit web-based reality TV program, we work with Got*City to promote attraction and retention of talent to Northeast Ohio delivered through a Collaborative Community Engagement among Regional Colleges, Businesses and Civic Organizations. We recently designed and launched an innovative Brag Book that features hotspots and trivia surrounding a “Live,” “Earn,” and “Learn” theme. View the Brag Book

Global Engagement

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center (NURFC)
MossMedia partnered with NURFC on the concept development and product design for Guardians of Freedom: iPhone application, Hall of Guardians, and Command Center concepts as part of a program bringing awareness to contemporary human rights issues. The museum in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio is based on the history of the Underground Railroad. The Center also pays tribute to all efforts to “abolish human enslavement and secure freedom for all people.” Dig into the Details of Guardians of Freedom.

Heifer International
Heifer International is dedicated to the end of hunger and poverty worldwide. Their unique approach is to provide impoverished families with gifts of livestock, along with the valuable skills necessary to produce a sustainable source of income and nourishment. Gifts range from a small flock of chicks to dairy cattle, and extend to include tree seedlings and honeybees. In exchange for their gift of livestock and training, it is asked only that the recipient agrees to provide one of their animal’s offspring to another family in need.

Heifer’s goal is to foster abundant “micro-economies” within remote communities, providing a “hand-up” rather than simply a “hand-out.” MossMedia encourages you to discover more about the Heifer International Project and their many success stories by visiting

The Emancipation Network
Few people are aware that human trafficking is presently tied with illegal arms as the world’s second largest criminal industry, outranked only by the illegal drug trade. Every year, it is estimated that over 800,000 people are trafficked internationally, with nearly 20,000 entering the United States. The Emancipation Network is dedicated to providing temporary shelter, medical attention, legal aid and job training necessary to help rescued or escaped slaves reintegrate into society. Additionally, The Network partners with 18 different anti-slavery organizations worldwide in an effort to combat this ever-growing problem. Supported in-part by an online store featuring jewelry and gift items handmade by rescued slaves, survivors learn valuable job skills necessary to transition back into mainstream society.

MossMedia hopes that you will consider these meaningful gifts when shopping for your friends and family.  Find out more by visiting The Emancipation Network at

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