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Moss Drools Over Auditorium Toys

Moss Drools Over Auditorium Toys

Folks, Known to digress, perhaps if you knew I was a member of the Matchbox Collector’s Club from 1972 – 1980’s; no doubt if you saw my collection of pristine Made in England originals; consider my original pinewood derby cars sit atop the mantel; then you know why we drool over this toy design. Vroom!

Auditorium Toys: ”

Designer Brad Denboer couldn’t quite find the toys he dreamed about so he decided to build them himself. Auditorium Toy Co. was founded with the intention of celebrating the elegance of simple designs fabricated by historical craftsmanship.

Auditorium Toys are of superb quality. They are unique toys that are quiet, timeless, durable and beautiful — the type of toys that your grandchildren’s grandchildren will love. Each design is carefully handcrafted and engineered in extremely limited, numbered editions in their small studio in Tucson, Arizona, using time honored techniques and tools. Auditorium believes that the slower you put things together, the slower they fall apart.

The Boattail Racer is simply stunning. Opening the box here at swissmiss studio was ceremonial to say the least. We all pretty much gathered around it going uuuhhh and aaaahhh!

What I love the most is the nice touch with the booklet the toy comes with implying that we will pass the toy on to other generations. Every previous owner writes their name into the booklet before passing it on. Beautiful.

Congrats Auditorium! We love what you’re doing! And wonderful thinking on the slowness part.

(Via swissmiss.)

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