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We pride ourselves on making a mark with moving and meaningful design experiences. Besides, “markers” are meant to be moved.

We’re thankful to our clients, colleagues, and compatriots for continued opportunities to dream big, together.


7/10 – MossMedia relationship renews with Classic Diagnostic Imaging, Cleveland to provide turnkey communication design through 2011.

7/10 – MossMedia delivers iPhone app and proof of concept to National Underground Railroad Freedom Center executive board and programming committee.

7/10 – MossMedia recruits Anthony Caruso for unique design of limited edition “Content Is” poster. To be released August 2010!

7/10 – MossMedia to once again partner with Suarez to produce audio production and design for Eden Pure national spot starring none other than Bob Villa.

7/10 – MossMedia teams with Step2, designs sound and SFX for top secret toy. (We just love secrets!)

6/10 – MossMedia launches Cleveland’s first online “flipbook,” Got City*Game’s “Brag Book” Wow!

6/10 – MossMedia instrumental in the launch of Cleveland’s newest wireless hotspot, Pulley’s – Coffeehouse 36. MM names, brands, and teams with SAW.

6/10 – MossMedia is featured in “T Factor” e-Newsletter produced by Graystone Properties Marketing Collaborative

6/10 – MossMedia delivers updated brand for Tyler Village, partnering with Graystone Properties on design of high end “look book” publication.

5/10 – Simmons amps it up with Step2 Corporation delivering audio SFX for new toy designs.

5/10 – Moss presents to NEO chapter of Independent Practitioners on subject of “The New Language of Branding.”

5/10 – MossMedia teams with CIA alum and master illustrator, Lawrence Michel, to bring the Guardians of Freedom story to life.

5/10 – Weiss debuts unique content generating experience in the form of biotech tours for e-Prep School. The students toured Analiza laboratories and later blogged about their experience. Now that’s experience powered content!

4/10 – Simmons recruited by Suarez corporation to refine performance design of the popular Wedge Radio.

4/10 – Moss selected as panelist for the Plain Dealer and NOCA’s OneIndustry Forum on social networking.

4/10 – Moss invited by Logic Junction to provide design leadership for avatar-powered wayfinding and kiosk projects.

4/10 – Romano and Moss reunite. Formerly dressin’ code for, Ideastar, and Digital Day – Myra Romano runs the “Philly Ranch” and ponies up some serious interactive design chops, remotely.

3/10 – MossMedia moves into historic Tyler Elevator complex. Watch the “Before & After” on Vimeo.

3/10 – MossMedia debuts interactive lobby directory for SENTRE Properties in Carlsbad, California.

3/10 – MossMedia delivers UI design with Graphik Dezine for the creation of new Brotherhood of Union Carpenters Web site.

2/10 – MossMedia creates marketing industry’s first rewards card, the OneIndustry card, in partnership with iBuyNeo.

2/10 – MossMedia featured in COSE Update Magazine article on Social Networking

2/10 – MossMedia summits with Sammy Catania to support pursuit of private labels brands for hospitality.

1/10 – MossMedia has been selected by Highway Angel as agency of record. Weiss leads kickoff of brand id, brand platform, business plan, opportunity analysis and more. Watch the draft animatic on Vimeo.

1/10 – MossMedia circles wagons with Steve Simmons, Audio “Kingpin” and Executive Producer.

1/10 –  MossMedia chosen to create museum experience and iPhone proof of concept app for the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.

1/10 –  MossMedia launches aggressive new ad campaign for Radiological Systems Training Institute

1/10 – Moss & Weiss aim to relaunch top show and lecture series debut by Moss at FUTURE Center, CIA. DesignValues 3.0 Festival and Design Summit will break in 2011, and boasts growing list of visionary partners.


12/09 – MossMedia delivers naming, business plan, and market development for Gantry Crew product marketing newco.

12/09 –  Moss shakes things up as 2009 ASMP photo judge.

12/09 –  Clarence Merriweather saddles up for ride with MossMedia as Associate Art Director.

12/09 – 4G Biometrics of Houston engages MossMedia for the startup’s marketing communications launch.

11/09 –  Moss returns to form, sells equal ownership in Boondock Walker to co-founders, relaunches MossMedia 2.0.

11/09 – MossMedia updates highly successful CDI mini-book.

11/09 –  MossMedia invited to informational tour and ideation with National Underground Railroad Freedom Center leadership. (I think they’d even say we “blew the lid off the sucka.'”)

10/09 – Moss to present at 2009 COSE Small Business Conference.

10/09 – Moss leads design for NOCA and Plain Dealer’s OneIndustry Forums.

10/09 – Moss appears on e-Cast Touchpoints Web series broadcast.

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